Michigan to dump CECBEMS credits?

Robin Shively, Manager EMS & Trauma Sections for State of Michigan, announced at the Traverse City I/C conference that the State of Michigan would no longer accept CECBEMS credits.  The reason for this decision was stated to be “because the State didn’t know what category to apply the credits toward”, and the state believed that some of the credits were not “medically related”.

CECBEMS, or the Continuing Education Coordinating Board for Emergency Medical Services, is the national accrediting body for EMS continuing education courses and course providers.  CESBEMS courses are often provided online and taken at the EMS provider’s convenience.

Currently in Michigan, these credits can only be applied as optional credits, once the required State approved CE credits in each category have been met.  The State’s announcement did not receive a favorable reaction by its EMS Instructor/Coordinators.

Students learn from a variety of methods.  The State’s decision to limit this is a poor one and fails to take into account why providers may opt for the CECBEMS credits.  Many of our EMS providers are volunteers that work one or more jobs.  For these individuals finding time to take a traditional course can be difficult.  Additionally, there are areas within the State where CE opportunities are difficult to find.  The State should recognize that in today’s economy where individuals are working more hours and spending more on living expenses, that alternative learning is not only smart but should be encourage.  Policies that discourage learning are bad polices.  The State’s reasons for no longer wanting to accept these credits is a clear indication of laziness and ignorance.

EMS providers are encourage to contact the State of Michigan, Department of Community Health, EMS Division and voice their concerns about this decision

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